If you are anything like us your fandom of certain teams can be traced via shirts. My dresser features a Danny Sturridge Chelsea jersey, a Zip Em Up shirt from back in the day, an old Drew Lavender jersey small enough for my son to wear, a William Green Browns jersey, and a throwback Omar Vizquel Indians jersey, just to name a few. If a season goes well, I grab a shirt. If a season goes mediocrely, I grab a shirt. I don’t have many shirts from the last four years.

This year, though, is definitely a grab a shirt year. To that end, BreakingT got the NCAA and March Madness licensing and has produced a Xavier shirt for this season. I, personally, rather like the design as well.

You can never have too many shirts. Especially Xavier shirts. Grab this one here.

At least it’s something to do to keep the nerves stead.

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