Former Manchester United hero Neil Webb is selling his debut England shirt and cap for £15,000 to boost his retirement fund.

The midfielder, who also starred for Nottingham Forest, works as a delivery driver 26 years after retiring from the game. The 59-year-old, who has also been a postman, lives with his wife of 25 years, Dawn, who works in a GP’s surgery.

While Neil, who played 26 times for England, admits that he made good money during the height of his footballing career, it was a world away from the millions of pounds Premier League players earn today. Casemiro, who plays in the same midfield position as Neil did for United, is reputed to earn £350,000 a week.

Neil, who lives in Reading, Berkshire, was the 1,000th footballer to represent England, in a friendly match against West Germany in Dusseldorf in 1987. He came on as a 64th-minute substitute for Glenn Hoddle and wore the red Umbro number 14 shirt. The Germans won the match 3-1, with Gary Lineker getting England’s goal.

He is selling the mementos from the night with Graham Budd Auctions, of Wellingborough, Northants on June 6. They are expected to sell for £15,000. He sold off his footballing medals in 2009.

“I’ve had numerous jobs over the last few years and at the moment I am a delivery driver,” he said.

“My generation earned good money and you could buy a nice house, a nice car and put your children through private education.

“But it is a different world for today’s players. I always knew I would have to work after I played. I can’t relate to the incredulous wages players get today. Even £100,000 a week – I can’t relate to that.

“I’m turning 60 in July and it would be good if the shirt and cap goes to someone who will appreciate them. It will boost my retirement pot. It has hung on the wall in our home and if nobody decides to buy it I’ll happily keep hold of it.

“When I look back on my career I can say I played under Mr [Brian] Clough, Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Robson, three of the best ever British managers. I would have loved to play for Pep Guardiola. I admire the way he makes players better and moulds his teams.”

As well as Manchester United and Nottingham Forest, the father-of-three grown up children also played for Reading and Portsmouth.

He said: “I still follow the results of all my clubs and I was biting my nails watching Nottingham Forest against Arsenal. They have done really well to stay up as I feared for them earlier in the season.”

The sale takes place on June 6.

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