A tantalizing challenge coming up, with a desire to contest it as soon as possible.

Carlos Alcaraz awaits Jannik Sinner. The Spaniard knows the identity of his next opponent in the Indian Wells semifinals. It will be the South Tyrolean himself, fresh off a 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 win over Taylor Fritz in the quarters. And it was about him that the 19-year-old Murcian, who in 2023 has so far collected twelve wins and just one loss on the ATP circuit, spoke at a press conference.

"Playing close challenges with great opponents I like a lot," explained Alcaraz. "Sinner is a very dangerous opponent, and I have a very precise memory of all the matches in which we faced each other. I love them all. He is a player who always pushes himself to the limit and with great power, while I am faster. To beat him I will have to play at my best. "

Alcaraz also wanted to explain how he has managed his recovery from his injury: "Being back at this level does not surprise me. And it is so because I consider myself a very careful student. I was inspired by Nadal and Djokovic, checking how they handled themselves after an injury. I tried to do the same, training when I still had to recover and feeding my motivation more and more."

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