Villarreal boss Marcelino has criticised the VAR decision that saw the Yellow Submarine miss out on two valuable points on Sunday.

The Yellows thought they had scored a winner in stoppage time against Sevilla, with Ben Brereton-Diaz scoring an excellent goal. But a VAR review saw the goal disallowed for...well, no one really knows.

The Sevilla defender, Salas, dived in front of Brereton-Diaz and tripped over his own feet. Brereton-Diaz was adjudged to have caused the contact despite having possessed the ball and essentally running in a straight line.

It was a scandalous decision, and one that left Marce unhappy, to say the least. He said: “I do not understand anything. First of all, I don’t understand because the VAR was not created for this. It is a way of permanently conditioning the referee. The referee is next to the incident and gives a goal, why does the VAR come in there? What for?

“To complicate a situation...that is not logical. I don’t know what’s happening this season with the VAR. I think it’s a good thing for football but this season mistakes are being made that are escaping us.

“If we coaches were taken more into account, this type of situation would be avoided. If the referee, who is next to us, hasn’t seen anything? It conditions you, because corporatism says that every time there is a VAR call you have to whistle what the VAR says. And no, you have to whistle what you see.

“The VAR doesn’t have to come in, it’s there for something else. The referee is next to it and doesn’t whistle anything.

“But I, who am an advocate of VAR, consider that the functioning of VAR in the Spanish League can be improved. This is not the first conflictive action. You see them every week. Surely it has happened to Sevilla before and next week it will happen to someone else.”

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