League of Legends (LoL)__ Season 2023 is ending and already Season 2024 changes are upon us. Hitting the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on Tuesday (20 November) at 12:00 AM Singapore Time, players can expect some big map changes, fearsome new monsters and more to come to the Summoner’s Rift.

Here’s what you can look forward to in Season 2024:

The Void takes over

The Void is taking over the Summoner’s Rift in Season 2024! New monsters and Void Camps will be spawning on the map in certain periods of the game:

Void Grubs and Void Mites

Void Grubs are new creatures being added to the Baron pit, replacing the first Rift Herald in each game and disappearing after 14 minutes.

From the five-minute mark onward, three Void Grubs appear, each having its respawn timer, with a maximum of six possible spawns in a single game. When provoked, Void Grubs release Void Mites to attack enemies. Players who defeat Void Grubs earn the Hunger of the Void buff, granting the user a damage-over-time bonus against structures.

The buff intensifies based on the number of Void Grubs taken down, and defeating five or six prompts the player to periodically summon one or two Void Mites, respectively, aiding in structure takedowns.

The addition of the Void Grubs will greatly shake up the early game, with players contesting for new map objectives that can enhance pushing power and objective control.

Void Camps

At the 20-minute mark, the Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback transform into the Void Sentinel and the Void Brambleback, becoming more formidable but sharing buffs with the entire team of the player who takes them down — except for allies who were down when the buff was acquired.

Also at 20 minutes, the Rift Scuttler becomes the Void Scuttler, triggering a large Scryer’s Bloom effect when defeated. This reveals all champions and wards in a wide area, and like Scryer’s Bloom, wards exposed this way will be reduced to 1 HP.

This will add a new layer to the mid-game strategy players will need to adapt to. On top of this, since wards exposed by the Voidborn Scuttler's effect are reduced to 1 HP, players need to be cautious about their warding placement, as these wards become vulnerable to quick elimination by opponents.

Baron Nashor

Baron Nashor isn’t just getting a visual update in Season 2024 — three new forms will also be introduced into the game in the next Season:

  • Hunting Baron will keep the pit as it is, and strikes nearby enemies with lightning from above.

  • Territorial Baron adds a wall in front of the pit and uses its hands to pull champions closer.

  • All-Seeing Baron closes off the front while opening up both sides, creating a tunnel. It also opens a Void Rift that inflicts damage over time.

Each form brings unique changes to the Baron pit's terrain. Hunting Baron keeps the pit as it is, Territorial Baron adds a wall in front of the pit, and All-Seeing Baron closes off the front while opening up both sides, creating a tunnel.

Rift Herald

The Rift Herald is back with a new look inspired by Voidgrubs. When players crush the Eye of the Herald, the Rift Herald will spawn as usual, but the user or an allied champion can right-click the Rift Herald to jump onto it.

The player will then be able to steer the Rift Herald and command it to charge forward, damaging and knocking up any enemy champions in its path.

If players charge the Rift Herald into a turret, it will do even more damage than if the Rift Herald charged into it without being controlled. After colliding with terrain or a turret, the champion riding the Rift Herald will be knocked out, going back to their usual selves.

This change will demand awareness of when and how to use the controlled charge feature to maximize its impact on enemy champions and structures.

Coordination and timing will be key factors in unleashing the full potential of the revamped Rift Herald.

Map Changes

Some of the changes on the map are the attempt of the dev team to make the red side and blue side more symmetrical so that it will be friendlier to new players and feel fair for both teams.

On top of this, "The biggest goals that we had were we wanted to provide more agency to the top lane by making them harder to gank," Design Lead Sol Kim said. On top of this, another goal was to "support immobile mages."

Top Lane Adjustments: The top lane will see significant changes, making both sides more symmetrical. A new small wall and brush combo will be added in the middle of the river entrance.

Jungle Transformation: Expect major changes to the jungle, with wide walls now flanking the Baron and Drake pits, altering the terrain dynamics.

Mid Lane Safety: The mid lane will slightly adjust by moving the brush backwards, offering greater safety for champions with limited mobility.

Bot Lane Symmetry: Similar to the top lane adjustment, a small wall and brush combo will be introduced on the bot side. Additionally, the blue tri-brush area is mirrored onto the red side. These changes aim to create more symmetry in the lane, removing side-based advantages.

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